5 Reasons Why You Should Throw A Science Party For Your Kids

One of our most popular party themes, here are the reasons why

Our Science Parties have been kids’ most favourite parties so far! We don’t want you and your kids to miss the fun that’s why we’ve listed 5 Reasons Why You Should Throw Science Party For Your Kids. Hopefully, this blog gives you some amazing ideas of Kids Science Parties.

1 – Science Party is perfect for both boys and girls:

If you are looking for a party that every kid will enjoy, Science Party is definitely the answer for you! Everyone loves typical superhero and princess themed parties. We do too! But sometimes, your boys want their female friends and your girls want to invite their male friends to their parties With Science Party, all children will get to do fun and hands-on science experiments up to 5 experiments! Our mad scientists will host the party from start to finish and make sure that everyone has a great  time.

2 – Science Party is not just fun, but educational!:

This is the main reason why parents choose our Science Parties from time to time. As children get to participate in science experiments, they learn basic science concepts in interesting and exciting ways! And they are more likely to learn from this kind of activity rather than from books or normal classes in school. 

3 – Children get to take home their creation:

We provide 2 types of Science Party; Wacky Science Party and Creative Cosmetics Science Party. For the Wacky Science Party, your kids will have fun doing science experiments. But for the Creative Cosmetics Science Party, they will get to make their own flavoured lip balm or bubbly bath bomb, using all natural ingredients. As children love slime, you can add slime workshop to both types of party. And everyone will get to take home their DIY unique slime!

4 – It’s super easy to throw a Science Party:

What we mean by super easy is that you don’t have to worry about anything! If you book a Science Party with us, our entertainers will bring along everything needed for the party including lab coats, equipment, and more! All you need to provide is a table or two for science experiments, and an outdoor area for a little mess! Our entertainers are professionally trained and experienced. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that your kids are in great hands.

5 – Science Party is unique:

When it comes to childhood, fun and happy memories is everything! With lots of experiments and activities, our Science Party is different from other parties and it is a party to remember! Your kids and their friends will be talking about this party for years to come. Their parents will say thank you to you again and again.

We have a wide range of science experiments for you to choose from. You can also add something extra like balloon twisting, face painting, party games, characters of your choices, and more! Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and we promise to deliver all your wishes and make it the most fun Science Party ever!

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