Choosing the Right Party Theme

Choosing the right theme for your child’s birthday can be tricky. Often they have 1000 favourite characters and change their minds about what they want as often as they change their clothes. Planning can be a nightmare! All of a sudden they find a new character they love just after you have organised a completely different party. Fear not! These tips will help you get the right theme and incorporate any changes of mind as they occur.

1. Keep the theme open.

If you child loves Batman more than anything in this world, a Batman theme might seem like the best idea. Children love changing their minds though and as quickly as you can say Batman, your child has a new favourite. Keep your theme open to allow for these changes. Having a more general Superhero party all planned and ready means that even if Batman is replaced by Spider-Man and then Superman, you won’t have to change a thing. This goes for Princesses too. By organising a Princess party instead of a specific character theme, changes of mind can be accommodated. This also makes for better costume options for the guests. Most children have something ready for a Superhero or Princess theme but limiting the party to a specific character limits their options. It’s also great to see lots of different characters instead of just the same one.

2. Choose something special to your child

No theme is too obscure if your child loves it. So your child loves the circus? Have a circus theme with lots of little clowns, ring-leaders and acrobats! Your child has fallen in love with a cartoon nobody has even heard of? No problem! Have a cartoon theme and everyone can dress as their favourite character from any animated movie or TV show. Don’t just choose a theme that’s in vogue; choose something that will put a smile on their face for the whole day. Who cares if all the other children had  the same type of parties? Let your child choose a theme they love even if it is a bit obscure. Which leads into the next tip…

3. Make your party different

It can seem like you attend the same party every week and drag out the same costume for your child to wear to every party they attend. Why not choose a different theme to everyone else. A popular theme does not always mean it’s the only theme you can choose too. If you have attended 100 Frozen parties in the past month, why not pick a theme that is different? Sure your child loves Frozen but they would love their own unique and new theme even more.

4. Tie your theme in with the time of year

If your child’s party is in the Summer, why not have a beach party theme? If you child’s birthday is in Spring, why not have a garden party theme? Autumn can inspire some wonderful colour themes and delicious foods while winter host an array of fun and frosty themes. Tying your theme in with the time of year also means that costumes will be weather appropriate. Nobody will melt in a full body Ironman suit in Summer if you are having a Hawaiian theme and nobody will freeze in a little mermaid costume if you choose a rugged up and cosy Winter theme in July.

We accommodate any theme and can provide entertainers to any children’s party you can think of! Call us on 1800 FLY BY FUN to find out who can come to your party or if you need any help party planning and theme choosing!

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