How To Train Your Dragon Parties

If you are looking for a unique theme for your child’s party, why not head over to Medieval Scandinavia with a How to Train Your Dragon Party? Get your little Hiccups, Astrids and Snotlouts all kitted up and ready to party Viking style.

With games such as Find the Dragon’s Egg, Viking Shield Making, Balloon Sword Fighting and Pin the Fire on the Dragon, your little Vikings and Shieldmaidens will have a party to remember.

Vikings parties are great for active kids who love running around and playing games together. We can provide a ferocious Viking or a brave Shieldmaiden for your How to Train Your Dragon party and bring along everything you need for a fun filled day.

How awesome (and fearsome) do our warriors look! Call us on 1800 FLY BY FUN now to book a Viking or Shieldmaiden for your party and get ready for the Viking fun to start!

How to Train Your Dragon Premiere

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