Kids Birthday Party Venues

The Fanciest Kids Birthday Party Venues In Australia

Growing a year older is one thing your kids look forward to with utmost eagerness. Their birthday is a red-letter day that should be marked with merrymaking and all kinds of fun that make it memorable. We guarantee you special entertainment on this big day. But to wrap it all up, you will need the perfect birthday party venues to make the party look outstanding. Here is a list of fanciful Kids Birthday Party Venues around Australia that make marvellous day party spots:

Eastern suburbs beaches like Bondi, Coogee or Northern Beaches like Manly or Collaroy

It’s quite a thrill for the kids to play on the sand and take pictures by the water at the Beach as they marvel at the surfers taking on the waves. The place offers beautiful scenery, and we can embellish it for you with our creative designs to make it even more appealing. A skate park and a kids’ playground will add to the joy of the kids as they celebrate the anniversary. Around the playground, there are barbecues and tracks to ride bicycles on.

The Marine parade playground is safe for kids below five years thanks to the fencing and ship dummies for play. The playground also has a surfboard and a wooden bridge surrounded by benches and grass where you can have the kids sit and get entertained by our magicians.

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney

If you want your kid to feel special, hold their next Birthday party at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside. Bring them closer to nature as they get to see the different species of birds and animals. Each kid gets a plush toy and animal food to woo the native reptiles and marsupials.

To make the party more fun, you can choose one of the animal encounters such as breakfast with a koala which makes it all unique.

Wannabees, Sydney

If you want an indoor birthday party for your kid in Sidney, Wannabees is the place to be. This is one of the outstanding birthday party venues made to mimic a city with all the facilities that kids dream of exploring. A hospital, police station, fire station, post office and a TV station are some of the facilities within the Wannabees city. The kids will no doubt enjoy playing different roles in such a celebratory mood.

Collingwood Children’s Farm, Melbourne

Collingwood Children’s Farm in Abbotsford is one venue that will make the memories of a birthday party last a lifetime. The farm covers an expansive area decorated with beautiful gardens and trees.

What’s more, the kids get a chance to milk the cows and feed the animals. It is also a nice adventure collecting the eggs. After walking around, the kids can cool off on the banks of Yarra River or enjoy the breeze in the shade of the trees.

Birthday party food is also abundantly available at the farm.

Melbourne Zoo

Let your kids off the leash as they mark their birthday with a trip to the Melbourne Zoo. You and your kids will get to appreciate the beautiful animals that Australia’s oldest zoo harbours. You can head to the Lemur Island and watch the amazing Lemurs, or you can walk into the bamboo forest and see the gorillas. Hippos swim playfully at the Pygmy Hippo exhibit, and the beautiful Butterfly House will add colour to your kid’s big day.

Melbourne zoo has a lot more to offer including a view of penguins, elephants, and orangutans.

For the food, you can carry your own or let the kids enjoy the Giraffes BBQ, the Zoo Bakery or the Lakeside Bistro.

South Australian Maritime Museum

A birthday party at South Australian Museum in Port Adelaide will make your child mark this milestone with a smiling face. Make a booking and let the kids take up the roles of sailors and pirates as they take part in exciting games. Costumes for the captain and the birthday boy or girl are all provided.

The museum offers different theme colors that you can choose from. Flybyfun can offer a professional entertainer to add to the fun of the party.

Food is covered in the package, but you have to pay for the cake.

Inglefarm Recreation Centre, Adelaide

Adelaide’s Inglefarm recreation centre is a nice birthday party venue for kids aged between 5 to 16 years. They offer you a court and a party room exclusively for the party. Besides, Inglefarm offers skate hire for all the guests, 20 birthday invitations and an ice-cream cake.

Inglefarm makes a great indoors party venue that will not be affected by inclement weather.


Wynnum Kids Water Park and Playground, Brisbane

Drive your kids to Wynnum Kids Water Park for their birthday, and they will have plenty of stories to tell their peers. The park has an unfenced playground with a nautical theme and climbing areas. From the playground, bike paths and walkways lead to the scenic waterfront. A wading pool and water park are meant to make the kids get the feel of exploring an ocean.

South Bank, Brisbane

Want to go for a picnic and celebrate your kid’s birthday? South Bank has the right facilities. The Riverside Green Playground has all play elements for different age groups such as a high skywalk, boats, swings, and climbing nets.

South Bank also features swimming pools and water playgrounds located close to the cafes and restaurants where you and the kids can enjoy tantalizing meals as you mark the birthday.

Jack and Jill’s Garden, Perth

Jack and Jill’s Garden offers a beautiful place to throw a birthday bash for your kid. The Garden offers tens of themes for boys and girls. They also offer fully catered birthday parties that give the guests full access to the garden for a chance of exploration.

Their packages also include games, food and a host.


Jungle Gym, Perth

Booking Jungle Gym for your kid’s birthday party is one amazing gift that you offer as a loving parent. With a floor covered in foam, Jungle Gym is an excellent place for the young ones to play.

As they play, you can ready a meal for them in the kitchen and serve it in the party room.


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