Meet the Team – Chanelle NSW

Meet the Team is all about giving you a little insight into our entertainers because we know how important it is to know who will be attending your child’s special day!


Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I studied music at the Sydney Conservatorium. I have always had a passion for Early Childhood music as well as drama and performing, so this definitely led me down the path of becoming a children’s entertainer.

What do you love most about entertaining at parties?

I love being because we get to bring the fun to the party! I love seeing parents relaxed and enjoying themselves, rather than running around making sure everyone is happy. Children get so excited to see their favourite character and I love the challenge of answering all of their questions!

What is your favourite costume?

It has to be the Cinderella ball gown! I can’t help but feel like a princess wearing it. I also love being a minion – less glamorous but I can be way more silly!!

What is your favourite memory from a party?

My favourite memory from a party is when I turned up dressed as Elsa and the awestruck birthday girl said “Oh wow…. you look just like in your movie!!” My second favourite moment would have to be when the birthday boy’s mum loaded up a huge platter of the most delicious homemade Greek food and insisted I take it all home!

What do you love about being part of the Fly By Fun team?

We have an amazing team because we regularly touch base and collaborate. We have regular meetings so we can chat about what’s working well and what we can improve on, and I really love being able to share ideas with the other entertainers.

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