Party Styling – Making Paper Pompoms


Paper pompoms make stunning party decorations and are an effective way of defining a colour scheme. Although they are time consuming, they are cheap to make.

All you need is a packet of tissue paper (10 sheets), a ribbon or some string, a pair of scissors and patience.

Step 1:Β Using a whole packet of tissue paper (10 sheets) fold into a fan about 2cm wide.

Step 2:Β Tie the fan in the middle using ribbon or string, and making the ribbon long enough to be able to hang the pompom to your desired length. Then trim the ends of the folded fan, either rounded or in points.

Step 3:Β  Open up the fan, and peel back the layers of tissue, one by one.

Step 4:Β Round out the pompom and even out the layers, then hang your pompom.

If a smaller pompom is required, cut 5 layers of tissue paper in half and double them up to have ten smaller pieces of tissue paper.

We love these gorgeous and easy paper pompoms at Fly By Fun, and love colour coordinating them with our Candy Buffets!


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