Summer Party Themes

Does your child have a birthday in the summer? Have a look at these awesome party themes and embrace the warm weather while it lasts.

Mermaid Party

Whether or not you have a pool, this theme is perfect for a hot summer day. Mermaids can just wear their swimmers and a little tail to keep cool and be ready in case any water comes out! Our Ariel can and come and join in the fun at the party too as she loves making new friends on land.

Hawaiian Party

Everyone can pretend they are relaxing on a tropical beach at your child’s Hawaiian party. Cool grass skirts and beautiful leis are easy to find and wonderful to see. A couple of coconuts, a ukulele soundtrack and some hula moves will really make it a special day.

Surf Lifesaver Party

Beaches are such an integral part of the Australian lifestyle so why not incorporate our beach heroes into your next party? Get your little nippers into their cossies and their costume is already halfway there! Why not decorate with red and yellow to really get the lifesaver vibe too. What a summer party to remember!


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