8 Most Popular Harry Potter Party Ideas

Have a read through the 8 must-haves to help you throw the ultimate Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party is clearly kids’ all-time favourite party! It is full of magic and imagination. The fun starts since your little ones get to wear wizard robe and wizard hat. Children can do some fun activities that are inspired from the movie like learning magical spells, potions class and interactive quidditch match. But to make it the ultimate Harry Potter Party that is memorable for both kids and parents, you might need to put a few other things to the party. That’s why we have listed 8 Must-have Things for The Ultimate Harry Potter Party for you!

1 – Decorate your party space into Hogwarts Castle:

Decorations bring a party to life! With the decoration, the kids will be so excited and feel like they are actually in the wizarding world. House banner is a must. You and your kids can create DIY house banner by printing them on card and cutting them in a flag shape. Then, put some broomsticks, flying keys, floating candles, and old books around the place.

2 – Give your party food and drink a Harry Potter theme:

As the kids get to play games and move around, they would be tired and they need food and drink to boost their energy. But food and drink at Harry Potter party need to be unique! You can start with downloading and printing some snack and drink labels to put on bowls or bottles like Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, Chocolate Frogs, butterbeer and pumpkin juice. Then, bake and decorate a cake or cupcakes that suitable with Harry Potter theme. If you have time, you can even get your kids to decorate their own cupcakes.

3 – Never miss a Potions Class:

If you are planning to have a Harry Potter party, potions class is probably one of the first things you should think about. This activity is fun, exciting, and educational. All you have to do are looking for the potion recipe online, printing labels and sticking them on jars, and preparing all the ingredients. The kids can either make the one that drinkable or undrinkable. If it’s drinkable, they can try it with friends. If not, they can put it in a small bottle and keep it as a souvenir. Anyway, they will enjoy making sparkly mess. 

4 – Play an interactive Quidditch Match:

Although Quidditch Match in Harry Potter movie looks really intense, the real-life Quidditch match for kids can be really fun, interactive and safe. First of all, they don’t need to fly on a broomstick to join the match. They can just run around either with or without a broom. You can start with making and putting your DIY hoops in the garden, using hula hoops and tomato stakes. Then, you can set up the rules, divide kids into 2 teams, and let the fun begin!

5 – Set up the Spells Class:

It is time to test out those wands! Without a Spells Class, your Harry Potter party wouldn’t be completed. You can download spell book online, print it out and practice spells with your kids. But it wouldn’t it be so fun and exciting if you have a wizard comes to your kids’ party and teach them all spells. With high-quality costumes, our entertainers look like real wizards. They will also bring along everything needed for the class including wands. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that you kids are having a great time.

6 – Create cool photo booth:

Photo booth is a little extra thing that add more fun to the party. Everyone who comes to the party can have pictures with a backdrop and props. The booth doesn’t have to be huge. It can just be DIY posters on the wall and some small props like luggage, owl toy, and Harry Potter character masks which you can download online and print out. The most popular backdrop of all time is surely the Platform 9¾.

7 – Hogwarts Acceptance letter:

If your kids and their friends are big fans of Harry Potter, they would love to get an invitation letter that looks like a Hogwarts Acceptance letter. This makes the party exciting even before it begins! You can create the letters on your own, using word program with distinctive font. Then, put them in the envelopes and send them to the little wizards.

8 – The Sorting Ceremony:

Before any activity, let get the kids excited and be ready for the fun by the classic sorting ceremony. You can create a paper maché Sorting Hat or buy it from somewhere. During the ceremony, have an adult in another room and make it look like a hat talks. Try to avoid sorting children to Slytherin though!

That’s all for 8 Must-have Things for The Ultimate Harry Potter Party! Doesn’t it sound like a great idea for your kids’ next party? You can also add more games and activities to keep the kids engaged, for example, musical games, balloon twisting, glitter tattoos and more! 

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