Party And Event Entertainment Hire In Canberra

You won’t find any better kids party or event entertainment for hire in Canberra than Fly by Fun’s. We don’t mind too much if it sounds as if we’re bragging about our party and event entertainment in Canberra either because we are and why not? Our Canberra based kids party and event entertainers really are the best of the best and are an important part of our Australia-wide team of entertainers.

Do we really work all over the country? We certainly do and have had more than twenty-five thousand satisfied clients from just about every part of Australia who have hired kids party and event entertainers from us for their celebrations and social gatherings. They are satisfied clients who have come back to us time and time again and who have then gone on to confidently recommend us to their friends. For us, it really doesn’t get better than that.

Themed Party Entertainment Hire

When it’s time to choose themed party entertainment our immense portfolio of kids party entertainers for hire in Canberra can be a little overwhelming. We have so many and they’re all totally fantastic which makes it even harder to decide which one to hire. Whatever character is at the top of the popularity polls at the moment, you’re sure to see them on our webpage. Have a browse and you’ll soon discover we have the perfect kids party entertainment no matter what your child’s age might be or who their favourite character is.

At Fly by Fun we cater for everyone from preschoolers to teens. Our face painting artists have also proven to be very popular at corporate Halloween events with adults too. It’s amazing the spooky effects they can create in a short space of time. Lots of zombies wandering around makes for a great party atmosphere and so does a liberal sprinkling of glitter. To add some sparkle to a little girl’s birthday we definitely recommend our glitter themed party entertainment. Our glitter bars are perfect for corporate events and social gatherings too so if you hire one expect to see the faces, arms, and hair of your guests twinkling like a million stars when the sunlight catches them. That’s almost as pleasing as seeing their happy contented faces.

Character Party Entertainer Hire In Canberra

Take a quick look at what we have on offer as far as character party entertainment goes and  you’ll find we have some amazing Disney princess entertainers for hire in Canberra. Our Queen Elsa from Frozen and our Princess Jasmine from Aladdin are exceptionally popular, but we have many more besides those. If your youngster is into technology and loves the Transformers, they’ll go completely nuts over our impressive Optimus Prime entertainer. He is mega awesome even if we say so ourselves and so is our Bumblebee entertainer.

If you’re planning a party for tiny tots then they’ll love our Thomas the Tank Engine entertainer or our Sesame Street themed party entertainment. If you’re hosting an event for a bunch of energetic kids our dance party entertainment, sports themed party, or if you have a large enough outside space, our laser tag entertainment are ideal and will keep the kids active and interested.

Canberra Kids Party and Event Entertainment Hire

While Fly by Fun has such a fantastic variety of party entertainers for hire in Canberra, you never need to be short of ideas to keep a group of kids entertained. If you have any questions or would like some advice on what’s best for your party or event feel free to contact us. Our party expertise didn’t evolve over night so we completely understand any doubts or dilemmas you may have especially if you’re a first time organiser. Confide in us for your party entertainment hire in Canberra and the guests will never know you’re a novice, but instead will think you’re a total event expert. And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us, well it will be until you can’t resist telling all your friends how great we are.

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