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We post lots of party ideas, feedback from our clients and photos from parties and events we have entertained at so join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help with planning your party.

We provide entertainment throughout Australia in Sydney, Wollongong and Central Coast areas, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our head office is in Sydney and we have regional managers in each of the other cities coordinating our parties and events there.

We do not charge any extra travel costs if you are located within 20km from the CBD in each of the above cities, however beyond that a small travel fee may apply. Please call us 1800 FLY BY FUN (1800 359 293) or email us info@flybyfun.com.au if you would like a quote.

We have a range of party themes to choose from, however depending on the number of children that will be attending, the age group and venue, certain party themes might be more suitable than others.

Tip – Don’t forget about the birthday child! Keep him or her involved each step of the way when planning the party, after all it is their special day.

Number of Children 

If you are having a small group of children, any of our party themes will be suitable and lots of fun! However with larger groups of children, our character parties are more suitable because they include group games and activities instead of cupcake decorating or arts and crafts which usually require more one-on-one attention. But fear not! We can run one of these parties for you even if you have a large group of children, but we will recommend that you book a second entertainer to assist on the day.

Age Group

Our character parties are perfect for children aged 1-8yrs and then our Art & Craft, Cupcake, Dance and Science Parties are suitable for older children aged 5-12yrs. There is a range in ages here because all our entertainment packages can be tailored to suit the specific age group that will be attending your party to an extent.


Most of our entertainment can be run at any venue, however if you are having your party indoors then our Sports Parties won’t be suitable unless you have lots of space. Similarly, our Science Parties are not as fun when indoors because we can’t include all the messy experiments and explosions.

We recommend the length of your whole party be 2-3hrs party and then have the entertainment run for 1-2hrs depending on the number of children attending and the age group.

Some of our party packages have a set length of time, for example our Cupcake, Science and Art & Craft Parties all run for 1.5hrs with the entertainer arriving 20-30mins earlier to set up, however with all our character parties you can choose whether the entertainment runs for 1hr, 1.5hrs or 2hrs.

With all of our character parties, we recommend the entertainer arriving 15-30mins after the party has started to ensure all the children have arrived and settled in and before the entertainer gets there. This also ensures the entertainment can start straight away without having to wait for children to start or without some children missing out on the first games and activities the entertainer does.

There is nothing worse than having the entertainer arrive at the same time as the children as they might see the entertainer without their wings, mask or wig on, which will ruin the excitement!

Our mascot appearances are very popular! You can either have one of our mascots make an appearance for 30mins or 45mins by itself or you can add on a 20-30mins mascot appearance to one of our entertainment packages. While in the mascot costume, the entertainer can dance around with the children, pose for photos and sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake with the children.

Most people choose to add the mascot appearance on to one of our packages, so you have an entertainer run all the games and activities then in the last 20-30mins the entertainer will leave and change into the mascot costume and then come back into the party. Click here for more information and prices.

We provide mobile party entertainment, so we come to you. Whether that is at your home, a park, community hall, restaurant or function centre, whether indoors or outdoors, we can entertain anywhere!

Tip – Whichever venue you choose, make sure it is easy to find! This may be as simple as tying a bunch of balloons to your front gate or it may mean sending out directions or a map along with the party invitation.

If you are having your party at home, don’t stress if you only have a small space available, as we will adapt our entertainment to suit. As a minimum though, we recommend setting aside enough space for the children to sit in a large circle.

Having your child’s party at a park, playground or community hall are great options if you don’t want to be left with all cleaning up, however having the party at home is great if you don’t want to be rushed on the day.

Tip – Don’t forget a Plan B! If you have decided to have your party outdoors, make sure you have an alternative venue in the event of wet weather so you don’t have to postpone or cancel your party.

Included in our party packages are birthday party invites that we can post to you before the party to use, then music, lollipops and prizes at the party. Of course we bring along everything else needed for the entertainment depending on which party theme you choose.

Tip – Plan ahead! Time flies so the best thing to do is start planning your party early so you can lock in the entertainment with us then lock in the time and date with family and friends.

The entertainer will bring along everything he or she needs for the entertainment, including the music, supplies, prizes, party bags and everything else! So all you need to do is have a space set aside in which you would like the entertainment to take place, organise the food and drinks, the birthday cake and any other optional extras you may want at your party.

We can assist you with organising these things, such as jumping castles, birthday cakes, party supplies and candy buffets, so call us on 1800 FLY BY FUN (1800 359 293) or email us info@flybyfun.com.au to discuss.

It is a good idea to set aside a table or an area for the presents, so that nothing will go astray or be broken. This will also allow you to keep track of who gave your child what, so you can send our thank you letters to your guests.

Tip – Before your entertainer leaves the party, be sure to get a group photo which you could send out along with the thank you letter as a little memento of your child’s special day

Tip – Book your party early to avoid disappointment as we can get booked out weeks in advance.


If you would like to book us for your party or event, please complete the Book Now form on the website and once we have received this we will process your booking and send through an invoice.


You can pay by credit card by clicking on the Pay Now button on the invoice or by electronic funds transfer directly into our account (bank details are on the invoice).

You do not have to pay a deposit immediately upon booking, however the full amount does need to be paid before the party. The due date will be indicated on the invoice.


We will be in touch in the week before the party by email and phone to confirm all the details, however if there is anything you would like to discuss or change before then, simply call us on 1800 FLY BY FUN (1800 359 293) or email us info@flybyfun.com.au

We usually recommend putting some drinks and snacks out before the entertainment starts, so the children can have something to eat and drink upon arrival. There will also be a short break about half way through the entertainment when you can serve something a bit more substantial and during this time, the entertainer will start activities such as face painting, tattoos or balloon sculpting to keep the children occupied.

Otherwise, if you are having a longer party with lots of family and friends or are having your party at a restaurant or function centre, we would recommend the children eat before the entertainer arrives.

Our entertainers definitely stay for the cake cutting, so they can sing Happy Birthday and pose pose for photos with all the children in the last 5-10mins of the party. However, if you are wanting to cut the cake after the entertainer has left then of course that is no problem at all, just let us know upon booking so we can inform the entertainer.

There is no minimum or maximum number of children that can attend the party, however depending on the number of children attending the party, we will recommend a certain length of time for the entertainment and a certain number of entertainers.

We usually recommend 1hr if you are having less than 10 children, 1.5hrs if you are having 10-20 children and 2hrs for more than 20 children. If you are having more than 25-30 children, we would recommend having two entertainers. Please call us on 1800 FLY BY FUN (1800 359 293) or email us info@flybyfun.com.au to discuss your specific requirements.

We definitely cater for both boys and girls at all our parties with a range of gender neutral games and activities, as we know there is a mix at most children’s parties.

All of our party packages can be tailored to suit the specific age group that will be attending your party, so our entertainment is suitable for children of all ages.

More specifically, our Character Parties are perfect for children aged 1-8yrs and then our Art & Craft, Cupcake, Dance and Science Parties are suitable for older children aged 5-12yrs.

It is becoming more and more common for at least one party guest to have some type of allergy. It is very upsetting for children with allergies to be left out, so it is important to do a little planning to make the party fun for everyone!

If you are aware of the allergy, call the parent of the child beforehand and ask what steps need to be taken to keep the child safe, such as ask the parent for a list of what the child cannot eat or come into contact with and always check if there is anything you are unsure about. You may like to ask the parent if they have any allergy-free recipes you might be able to use. Most likely the parent will bring along their own food that is safe to eat but it is always nice to be prepared and make sure the child is included as much as possible.

If it is a serious allergy, such as children with anaphylaxis, it is important to ask the parent to go through a safety plan that you can follow so you know how to recognise and deal with an allergic reaction. Although it is unlikely that the parent will not stay at the party to keep an eye on their child, it is important to ask for a contact number in case of an emergency.

For a number of reasons, many parents will choose to stay at the party, unless of course you make it clear on the invite. It is a good idea to have some drinks and platters of food ready for the parents to keep them entertained.

If for any reason you need to contact us on the day of the party, please call or text us on 0421 516 300 and we will be able to answer any last minute questions or assist with any issues you may have.

Tip – Save our number in your phone for peace of mind on the day!

If it happens to be raining on the day of your party, don’t stress! We can run all of our parties either indoors or outdoors, so we will adapt our entertainment accordingly.

Tip – Keep an eye on the weather forecast in the week before your party. If it looks like it is going to be bad weather, be prepared and have a back up plan for the day so you don’t have to cancel or reschedule your party. You can contact us at any time on the day of the party or the night before to let us know if there has been a change of venue. Of course ensuring there is enough time for the entertainer to travel to the new venue.

If you cancel the entertainment within one week of the party date then there is a 50% cancellation fee and if you cancel within 24 hours then it is 100%.

If you reschedule the entertainment due to the wet weather or illness, there is a 20% fee added to the cost of the entertainment.

Fly By Fun is registered with the NSW Commission for Children & Young People (Employer ID: 24819) and all our entertainers have their Working with Children Checks. We are also fully insured $20 million public liability insurance.

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