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Covid-19 Safe Kids Party

How To Host A Covid-19 Safe Kids Birthday Party

As restrictions life, we must take precautionary measures to ensure you host a covid-19 safe kids party for the health and wellbeing of your party guests.

Top 5 Ideas for Disco Parties

Planning a Disco Party for your tween? Here are the most popular Disco Party ideas to ensure you have the ultimate disco party!

5 Reasons Why You Should Throw A Science Party For Your Kids

Thinking about hosting a science themed party for your little one’s party?! Here are five fun reasons why you should!

Top 5 Kids School Holiday Workshop Ideas

Looking for ideas for school holiday entertainment at a venue or shopping centre? Here are some of our most popular workshop ideas that you will love

Art and Craft Party Ideas that your kids and their friends will love!

Got a creative little one on your hands? Why not incorporate some arts and crafts into their next party

8 Most Popular Harry Potter Party Ideas

Planning a Harry Potter Party? Read through our popular Harry Potter party ideas to help you throw the ultimate party!

Top 30 Venue Guide for Corporate Family Fun Days

Looking for a venue to host your next Family Fun Day? Read through our extensive guide to give you all the information you need to know

All The Best Corporate Events in Sydney Start Here

Looking for the perfect venue to host your event in Sydney? Whether your event is large or small, we’ve got the perfect venues for you

The Best Corporate Event Venues in Melbourne

Planning an event in Melbourne and not sure where to host it? Have a read through our tried and tested venues!

Best Corporate Event Venues on the Gold Coast

Mention the Gold Coast and for most people, it’s all about the S words: sun, surf and schoolies. But locals know the Gold Coast has more to offer. On the outskirts, charming neighbourhoods hold their own against towering high-rises, and the often forgotten lush rainforests of the Hinterland are every bit as breathtaking as the […]

Best Corporate Function Venues Perth

Come and meet the family. Perth may sometimes be described as Australia’s most isolated city, but by no means is Perth lacking. Perth is a boom town of restaurants, bars, markets, and galleries – so when it comes to corporate functions and event venues, the only way Perth is behind its Eastern neighbours is in […]

Best Corporate Function Venues Adelaide

Once upon a time… The endearing nickname “Radelaide” tends to be used with a certain irony. Because while Adelaide is hardly radical, it holds a genteel allure as a city where everything is thoughtfully designed, from main thoroughfares to small hidden venues. Adelaide promotes itself as a place of opportunity, open space, culture, and inclusiveness; […]

Tips for Planning a Successful Kids Party

The art of throwing a successful kids party definitely takes practice and organisation, but it can be executed well with a little help and a little creativity!

Father’s Day Ideas For the Family

We outline to you the best Father’s Day ideas and activities that will give you and your family some great time to relish.

Kids Birthday Party – Best Birthday Party Entertainment

Fly By Fun is here to make your kids birthday party a great moment. We have the best birthday packages and highly skilled entertainers who will keep the kids fascinated.

Best Kids Party Entertainers

The Best Kids Party Entertainers – Fly By Fun

Fly By Fun aims to plan the perfect party for kids. We have the best kids party entertainers and a host of supplies which will make the preparation complete and the party a phenomenal one.

Moana Theme Party

Family Fun Day

A family fun day is a time to strengthen family bonds as you connect with your dear ones in a special way. It is also a great way to get some rest after the hassles of the week. The kids spend quality time away from school while the parents enjoy a day away from work. […]

Face Painting by Fly By Fun

Bring Your Child To Work Days

Creative Bring Your Child To Work Days That Will Suit Any Work Environment! Bring Your Child To Work Days are the best way to foster a fun workplace attitude and culture! Kids love nothing more than to hang out for one special day with their parents doing all sorts of fun activities. Fly By Fun can […]

Family Fun Days

Corporate Family Fun Days

Best Family Fun Day Events for 2018! Family Fun Days are the perfect way to get communities together and celebrate Australian families in a fun and friendly day full of excitement. Planning a Family Fun Day may seem tricky as you have to cater activities for adults and children, but here at Fly By Fun we […]

Kids Party Themes

Being innovative and creative is part of being a parent especially when it comes to planning a party. Let us not spring out on the same cliché style of having a birthday cake and balloons and some few snacks but instead be creative for your kid’s big day. Well, times are changing, and it is […]

Best Kids Birthday Costumes & Party Ideas

Best Costume & Party Ideas for 2018 from Blossom Costumes! Costume parties are the best way to inject energy and fun into a kid’s birthday party before the games have even begun. Here are the best costume party ideas for kid’s parties in 2018: Gnome Party Sherlock Gnomes rocked the box office early this year, […]

Fly By fun gives you some recommendations on where to host your Kids birthday Party.

Kids Birthday Party Venues

The Fanciest Kids Birthday Party Venues In Australia Growing a year older is one thing your kids look forward to with utmost eagerness. Their birthday is a red-letter day that should be marked with merrymaking and all kinds of fun that make it memorable. We guarantee you special entertainment on this big day. But to […]

Magic Show Party

Magic Show Party

For the ultimate WOW factor, book one of our professional Magicians who will amaze children and adults alike with their tricks!

Circus Theme Party

Circus Theme Party

Learn how to spin plates, hula hoop, juggle and more during our Circus Theme Parties with our very own talented circus performer!

Masterchef Theme Party

Masterchef Theme Party

Our Masterchef Theme Party is loads of fun with chef hat decorating, guess the ingredient games, pressure and invention tests!

Shimmer and Shine Theme Party

Shimmer and Shine Theme Party

Our Shimmer and Shine Theme Party will bring the beautiful genie out in everyone! Lots of dancing, games, face painting and more!

Moana Theme Party

Moana Theme Party

If you are looking for a unique theme for your child’s party, why not pop on a flower wreath and plan a Moana Theme Party!

Paw Patrol Theme Party for Kids

Paw Patrol Theme Party

Let us come to the rescue and provide our very own Ryder and Chase Mascot for your next Paw Patrol Theme Party!

Gardening Theme Party

Our Gardening Theme Parties are a fun filled hands-on experience – your little gardeners will get to dig through soil, plant their own flowers, hug their flower pots and start growing amazing blooms which they get to take home!

Poppy Trolls Theme Party

Looking for a unique theme for your child’s party? Book our Poppy Troll Theme Party and your party will surely be one to remember!

Healthy Slumber Party Food!

No longer do parents want their kids to eat pizza and ice-cream at every Slumber Party they go to – here are some healthy options you can do instead that kids are raving about!

5 Healthy Kids Party Foods Ideas

Five Healthy Kids Party Foods Ideas

Kids love birthday celebrations, and parties are a great opportunity to celebrate with amazing food. Healthy kids party food for kids can be colourful, exciting, and healthy. These great ideas will help you avoid the junk, and make kids’ parties healthier, more special, colourful, and fun – all with minimum fuss. To make sure your […]

Truth or Dare Party

Trendy 12th Birthday Party Ideas

So…. You’ve made it to twelve. That’s sixty minutes, a dozen. Twelve. Here are some ideas to throw a trendy 12th birthday party.

Six Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Unleashing Kids’ Creativity

Here are the top six year old birthday party ideas unleashing kids’ creativity.

Meet the Expert – Jane McKay, Director at Creative Kids Arts Club

This week I caught up with Jane McKay from The Creative Arts Club and I would love to share with you her insights into children and art.

Seven Year Old Birthday Party Ideas You Can Do At Home

Here are top 5 ideas you can do at home for a seven year old birthday party!

Nine Year Old Birthday Party Ideas To Be Wild About

Here are some top ideas that you should try out as your child turns nine.

Meet the Expert – Bec, Instructor at TumbleTastics

This week I caught up with Bec, an instruction from Tumble Tastics, to chat about movement and children.

Meet the Expert – Ruth Tofler-Riesel, Co-founder & Director of Kids Giving Back

This week I caught up with Ruth Tofler-Riesel from Kids Giving Back and I would love to share with you her insights into volunteering!

Meet the Expert- Julia Ham, Director of Hampton Swim School

This week I caught up with Julia Ham from Hampton Swim School and I would love to share with you her insights into children and swimming.

Fourth Birthday Party Ideas

Here is a look at some great fourth birthday party ideas.

Go Big! Eleven Year Old Birthday Party Themes

Your kid is now a tween! Here’s top 5 birthday ideas turning eleven.

Turning Two? The Best 5 Ideas For Your Party

Here is a look at the top 5 ideas for a second birthday party.

Third Birthday Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

Here are top 5 Idea for a Third Birthday Party for an Unforgettable Celebration.

Unique Ten Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating your child’s tenth birthday is also a milestone in your ten years of parenting. Here are unique ten year old birthday party ideas from the last decade that can make you ten year old birthday party celebration one of a kind.

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Theme Party

Stress Free Eight Year Old Birthday Party Ideas!

Here are some party themes for your child’s 8th birthday party that won’t make you pull your hair out!

Top Rainy Day Birthday Party Ideas for Your Five Year Old

Don’t be caught out on rainy days without top party themes and game ideas to keep the children happy!

Top 5 First Birthday Party Ideas

Top 5 First Birthday Party Ideas

Your child’s first birthday is such an important milestone! So to help you plan your party, here are our favourite first birthday party themes and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Meet the Team – Victoria VIC

Meet the Team is all about giving you a little insight into our entertainers because we know how important it is to know who will be attending your child’s special day!

Meet the Expert – The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

This week I caught up with Cynthia from Connect Kids Yoga to talk all things Yoga for Kids!

My Top 5 – Unique Party Supplies

My Top 5 is all about scouring the net for the best of the best and sharing that with you. This week it was all about unique and stylish Party Supplies!

Meet the Team Zoe from Team QLD

Meet the Team – Zoe QLD

Meet the Team is all about giving you a little insight into our entertainers because we know how important it is to know who will be attending your child’s special day!

Chanelle from Team NSW

Meet the Team – Chanelle NSW

Meet the Team is all about giving you a little insight into our entertainers because we know how important it is to know who will be attending your child’s special day!

Laurent from Team NSW

Meet the Team – Laurent NSW

Meet the Team is all about giving you a little insight into our entertainers because we know how important it is to know who will be attending your child’s special day!

Meet the Expert – Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Study Music

This week I caught up with Kathryn Raats from West Coast Music School and I would love to share with you her insights into the benefits of music for children!

Candy Buffets

My Top 5 – Candy Buffets!

My Top 5 is all about scouring the net for the best of the best and sharing it with you. This week it was all about Candy Buffets!

Meet the Expert – Casey Dick, founder of The Nutrition Clinician

This week I caught up with Casey Dick, clinical nutritionist, to chat about how to keep healthy and I have some great advice to share with you below.

Justice League Birthday Cake

My Top 5 – Birthday Cakes!

My Top 5 is all about scouring the net for the best of the best and sharing it with you. This week the spotlight is on Birthday Cakes – check out these five masterpieces!

Planning a kids party? Here are the Top 10 Things To Avoid

Planning a kid’s party is almost always time consuming and stressful – but fear not, here are my Top 10 Things To Avoid for your child’s party! You can thank me later…

Helpful Guide for a Perfect Party Planning

Plan the Perfect Party with our Helpful Guide

Download our helpful party planning checklist so you won’t forget a thing when planning your child’s special day!

Fairy Garden Making Activity

The Fairy theme is always a popular choice, so why not be a little different and do this unique fairy garden making activity at your party. Super simple and the children will love it!

Monsters High Themed Party

Thinking of hosting a Monsters High themed birthday party? We have lots of ideas so your daughter and her ghoul friends will be sure to have a scarily wonderful time!

Lego Themed Parties

Lego Themed Parties

We have entertained at many Lego themed parties this year since the release of the Lego movie and you too can create your very own action-packed Lego party with all these fun games and activities..

How To Train Your Dragon Theme Party

How To Train Your Dragon Parties

Our Viking characters have been more popular than ever with the release of How To Train Your Dragon. This theme is perfect for active kids who love running around and playing games such as Find the Dragon’s Egg and Pin the Fire on the Dragon. Your little Vikings and Shieldmaidens will have a party to remember!

1st Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday Parties

Wanting to do something extra special for your child on their first birthday but don’t know what to do or how to do it? We have lots of hints and tips to help you plan and prepare so you can celebrate this milestone without all the stress!

Choosing the Right Party Theme

Does your child change their mind as often as they change their clothes when it comes to choosing the character or theme for their party? This can make planning a nightmare, however these hints and tips will help you choose the right theme and incorporate any changes of mind as they happen.

Party Styling – Making Paper Pompoms

Follow this four easy steps to make your very own pompoms, perfect for candy buffets and decorations for your child’s birthday party..

Costume Box

Fly By Fun Partners with CostumeBox

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with CostumeBox, Australia’s leading online store for all your costume and party needs. CostumeBox are as passionate as we are about creating beautiful and lasting memories for children, so it is a perfect fit.

Mermaid, Summer Theme Party

Summer Party Themes

Does your child’s birthday fall in the summer months? Have a look at these awesome summer party ideas and embrace the warm weather while it lasts!

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