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With over 25,000 events delivered across Australia, Fly By Fun is the preferred choice for parents for their children’s entertainment. Proudly receiving over 300 positive reviews online it’s simple really, we’re passionate children’s entertainers!

Fly By Fun are a company that takes fun seriously, so we like to do things a little differently. When it comes to kids party entertainment, the most important thing is the quality of the entertainers. We pride ourselves on the world class national team we have with only the best entertainers that are as passionate as we are about bringing happiness. 

The determination and commitment we have for children’s entertainment keeps us going. We want to see your guests entertained, and the kids captivated at events. 

All of our entertainers are well trained and highly experienced. They are punctual, reliable, well presented and will create really happy memories for children. You can find out more about our team by clicking on the locations below. 

About the Founder

Isobel Crumblin is a Sydney based mum, fiancé and business leader who founded Fly By Fun in 2008 from a place of wanting to help children enjoy happier memories after every interaction her and the team have with them. Here’s a little bit more about her story.  

“When I was about 8yrs old I asked my grandmother to take me up to the Children’s Hospital at Randwick so I could give away all the soft toys I had collected to the children. I just remember how happy that made me feel, that I could make a small difference in these children’s lives by making them smile. When I think about the first birthday party I entertained at as a Fairy, I remember these same feelings. I knew that something I was doing was having a direct impact on children’s lives in a very positive way and that made me really happy.

It was this that led me to found Fly By Fun in 2008 while studying law at Sydney University. I did finish law, but the vision I have for Fly By Fun which is to create really happy memories for children across Australasia with quality children’s entertainment is something I am genuinely passionate about and we have really only just begun!”.

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