Best Corporate Function Venues Perth

Come and meet the family.

Perth may sometimes be described as Australia’s most isolated city, but by no means is Perth lacking. Perth is a boom town of restaurants, bars, markets, and galleries – so when it comes to corporate functions and event venues, the only way Perth is behind its Eastern neighbours is in the time difference.

From green rolling vineyards to shimmering waterfront venues, the Fly By Fun team has hand-picked our top recommendations for event venues that are unique and versatile. We’ve chosen function venues that make jaws drop when guests arrive and memories linger when they leave.

“How exactly do you know the best event venues in Perth?”, we hear you asking. Well, we’re entertainment experts. Fly By Fun has hosted more than 21,000 events across Australia. Every year, we work with thousands of local Perth businesses to hold their corporate Family Fun Days, Christmas parties, EOFY socials and other celebrations.

We’re practically family here on the event scene in Perth. Our guide, The Best Corporate Function Venues in Perth, is akin to our family album. Let us introduce you…

We help you find the best spots in Perth

Meet grandma; the place you go to for an amazing menu and guaranteed food coma. We have the dad venues; the iconic establishments that are all-round reliable for everything you need.

There’s the cool sibling who always knows the hippest trends and cocktail crazes. They’re the event venues that had mason jars and donut walls before it was cool. And of course, every family has a techy cousin armed with the latest iGadget. These are the function spaces that boast state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment.

Now imagine how much easier life would be if every family came with a manual on how to navigate through each individual’s idiosyncrasies. That’s exactly what this family has done for you.

The Best Corporate Function Venues in Perth guide provides useful information, clever tips and entertainment ideas for how to get the most out of your corporate function. From magicians and mermaids, to crafts and caricaturists, Fly By Fun has the talent to transform your event into a remarkable occasion. We also have the experience to ensure it is all delivered as smoothly as possible.

Fly By Fun is so proud to be part of the hospitality and event family in Perth and we welcome you to join us.

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