Planning a kids party? Here are the Top 10 Things To Avoid

Planning a kid’s party is almost always time consuming and stressful – having to remember all the little details and trying to organise everything perfectly before the big day. But fear not! I have been there and done that and have insider information that I want to share with you. Happy reading! You can thank me later…


Mistakes on invitations

I know it may sound obvious, but make sure you check and recheck all the details on your invitations – date, time, venue address and contact number. Trust me, it has happened before and the headaches it can cause aren’t worth it!


Not planning…like your life depends on it

I am a big believer in planning and planning early! Even the smallest of parties require some sort of planning, so I suggest compiling a list of all the things you need to organise as early as possible and start ticking them off. You can even use my Party Planning Checklist as a starting point. All the hard work you put in beforehand will mean that you can actually enjoy yourself on the day, sit back and relax and catch up with family and friends. If you leave everything to the last minute you’ll be frantically rushing around gathering the essentials on the day and you will no doubt stress out everyone around you, which isn’t fun for anyone!


Excluding the birthday child from the planning

I don’t want to be rude, but don’t make the party all about you! Let’s not forget that it’s your child’s birthday party and you should definitely get them involved in the planning – even if they are indecisive or prone to change their minds every five seconds! Just make sure you get them involved along the way because for them that’s half the fun.


Neglecting your RSVPs

Don’t forget to chase your RSVPs! There’s nothing worse that throwing a party that no one shows up for! Trust me, this has happened. Make sure you set the RSVP date for two weeks out from the date of the party so that you have time to chase those who don’t get back to you on time. There’s no harm in sending out a reminder text three days before the party too. I would also recommend finding out whether your guests will be bringing any siblings so you can be prepared and have enough party food, prizes and party bags for everyone. You don’t want to cause any tears and tantrums on your child’s birthday if children (albeit uninvited) are left out!


Not creating a fun atmosphere

Let’s be honest, parties are all about having FUN and I definitely think it is worth putting in the extra effort to create a fun party atmosphere with loud music, lots of balloons and themed decorations and some form of entertainment (whether that means hiring an entertainer or planning some games yourself – just make sure you have more than enough at the ready to keep the children occupied!) I also think it’s nice to have a break out zone where you can set up some drawing or colouring-in that the children can do whenever they like throughout the party, perfect if you have any shy ones coming along. You could even set up a nametag decorating activity that the children can do upon arrival. You don’t have to go overboard but creating some excitement at the party will make all the difference! You want the birthday child and all their guests to have a fun experience and take away some happy memories that they can talk about for months (or years!) to come.


Not asking the right questions

Whether you are having a drop off party or not, there are two important questions you MUST ask all your guests. The first is whether they have any food allergies or special dietary requirements and ask this in advance so you can be prepared. The second asking for an emergency contact number for each and every guest that is at your party and I would recommend having a pen and paper handy near the front door so you can note down this information as your guests arrive. It is better to be safe than sorry!


Not having a Plan B

I am all for outdoor venues for many reasons – you don’t have to stress about making sure your home is clean and tidy for visitors nor do you need to worry about the post party clean up, the children have lots of space to run around and you can usually invite more friends and family which is always fun! In saying that, please don’t forget to have a back up plan in the event of wet weather! You don’t want to go to all that trouble of organising things such as the birthday cake and party food which just ends up going to waste. Keep your eye on the weather in the week leading up to your event, as it is always so unpredictable, and make sure your contingency plans are in place in advance!


Too much sugar

I know parties are usually an excuse for consuming lots of lollies, cakes and party pies – but please make sure there are lots of healthy options available too! There’s nothing wrong with preparing some carrot and celery sticks as well as fruit kebabs (strawberries, watermelon and marshmallows look great)! Even more important is having lots of water available for the children to drink and not just fruit juice and soft drink.


Skipping nap time on the day of the party

Don’t do it! Try your best to stick to your child’s usual nap schedule, even if it means hosting the party at an awkward time, so they are happy and rested and can enjoy their special day.


Running out of…well everything!

Buy more food, more drink, more decorations, more tableware, more prizes and party favors, prepare more games and more party bags – more of everything – than what you think you need. You don’t want to stress out and run out of anything on the day!

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