Top 5 Ideas for Disco Parties

Here are our most popular Disco Party ideas to make your party a success!

Our Disco Party is one of the most fun and popular parties ever as our professional dancers will get your little ones to do some stretching, dancing, and performing. The Disco Parties are full of disco lights, smoke machine, amp, mic, bubbles, and more! We’ve listed the Top 5 Ideas for Disco Parties for you. Who knows? You might wanna throw a disco party for your kids on their special days or during the next school holidays.

1 – Disco Party Dress Up Boxes:

Dressing up is a fun part of disco party! Talking about disco parties, you might think about gold or silver outfits, and sparkling dresses. But! For your kids and their friends, you only need to prepare a bundle of glow bangles, groovy dancing glasses, and some colorful covert clothes. You can but them all together in one big box or separately put them in different boxes. Make sure you put the boxes at the door so the kids can take the items they like when they enter the party. This will get them excited and ready for fun!

2 – Ultimate Disco Decorations:

Your disco parties wouldn’t be completed without disco decorations! Here are some tips to turn your house into a dance room. First of all , disco ball is a must! You can add some more colour lights and effects like smoke and bubbles to make the party more fun and exciting. You can also put some balloons and ribbons on the wall, or put DIY paper disc music boxes around the house, or even set up a DJ booth.

3 – Kids’ favourite songs and dance moves:

After getting the outfits and decorations right, it’s time for everyone to sing and dance! Our professional dancers will prepare a playlists, get  the kids to do some warming up activities and teach them some dance moves. Children will get to use their creativity to develop a routine. They will get to perform as a group and watch each other’s performances. This is what makes our disco party the most fun and engaging party of all time!

4 – Disco Photo Booth:

Let’s keep all memories in photographs! Photo Booth is something that both boys can girls can enjoy throughout the party. They can get in the booth with their cool glasses, hats, or clothes on, taking pictures with friends. It would be amazing if you can print out the pictures and hand them to the kids during the party. The backdrop can be bubbles beaded curtains, gold or metallic ribbons, or balloon arch.

5 – Disco Party Food and Drink:

Your kids might be hungry after singing and dancing. That’s why you will prepare food and drinks for them and their friends. But for the disco party, food and drink can’t be normal or similar to other parties. Here are some examples of kids’ snacks; records cupcakes or cookies, disco light cake pops, cakes with a disco ball on top, and glow in the dark drinks. You can bake and decorate some of them on your own or you can order from party supplies.

With these top 5 ideas, you can throw the ultimate disco party for your kids. We’ve organised the disco parties across Australia. Our entertainers are experienced and well-trained. They will bring along everything needed for the activities so you can sit back and relax. We can also do face painting, balloon twisting, party games, and many more. Contact us to discuss your individual needs and we promise that it will be a party to remember!

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