Best Kids Birthday Costumes & Party Ideas

Best Costume & Party Ideas for 2018 from Blossom Costumes!

Costume parties are the best way to inject energy and fun into a kids birthday party before the games have even begun. Here are the best costume party ideas for kids parties in 2018:

Gnome Party

Sherlock Gnomes rocked the box office early this year, seeing the return of the Gnomeo and Juliet, everyones favourite little people in big pointy hats. Gnome dress ups are simple, as they largely revolve around the pointed hat, and there are plenty of different characters to try. See Blossom costumes great range here

Star Wars

Young Star Wars fans are thrilled with the release of Solo in 2018, giving them the chance to play as the legendary Hans Solo as a young man. Costume options are endless from the elaborate Kylo Ren or Chewbacca to Rey or Padme Amidala. Grown ups will love the chance to unleash their inner Star Wars geek too.

Emoji party

Whether you love them or hate them, emojis are a huge part of kids vocabularyand are beloved, so much so there was a movie made about them! Emoji parties offer simple dress up options, plus a fun treat menu from smiley macarons to laugh out loudcupcakes.


Avengers: Infinity War has stormed the box office in 2018, with Thor: Ragnarok a favourite last year. Kids can go full throttle in a head-to-toe hulk costume, or channel Thor in cape and flowing blond wig. Fans of the darker characters may love to channel Hela from last years epic, the head dress alone will win any best dressed competition.

Greatest Showman

the fanciful characters from Greatest Showman make for a bright, bold party and a fun twist on the traditional circus theme. Little girls can try a pink wig and performance dress to channel Zendayas Anne, or full circus tails if Hugh Jackmans P.T Barnum is more your childs style.

Moana luau theme

Pacific Island-themed Moana captured the hearts of Disney fans world-wide, and the dress up options are simple yet fun for a tropical luau party. Moanas simple grass skirt and top are a great DIY costume, or stick on tattoos and a muscle suit if Maui suits your kids taste. Get your costumes here!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter movies arent new, but the fanciful world of Hogwarts continues to capture the hearts of children today. Choose from a Hogwarts school uniform, or true costume lovers can go all out and transform into Dobby, Hedwig or the Sorting Hat. Grown up options are endless, making this a simple yet magical theme for guests of all ages. Look at Fly By Fun’s Harry Potter Party to see what exciting things you can have for you child’s birthday today! 

Disney is still cool

Disney movies you may have loved as a child continue to be re-released, sharing the magic with new generations. A Disney themed birthday is an open-ended theme and allows kids to use their imaginations and dress up as their favourite Disney character from new or older films. Youll also relish the chance to dress up as your favourite Disney star. See Fly By Fun’s amazing Princess Parties to book your Disney party today!

Game of Thrones

Children wont be watching Game of Thrones due to the hugely graphic scenes and adult content, however teenagers may be swept up in the series. Game of Thrones is a fantastic theme for a party as there are so many characters from the Khaleesi in blue robes to the crows in black fur coats. See the coolest collection of Game of Thrones costumes here

If you throw your little one a birthday with one of the themes trending in 2018, you may be in the running for parent of the year.

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