Lego Themed Parties

A Lego Party is a great adventure-packed theme for a kid’s party with lots of scope for fun games and activities. Lego is also a versatile theme which allows kids to dress up as multiple characters and can be adapted to suit whatever their current interest may be.Β Lego have created unique series with special agents, robots and pirates and have also created Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series. So if your child has a tendency to change their mind at the drop of the hat, a Lego Party is the perfect theme no matter what they wake up loving on the day of their party.

Games for a Lego party are easy to organise and lots of classic party games can be adapted to fit the theme.Β All you need is a big box of Lego and a bit of imagination. For prizes or a special addition to party bags, Lego sell individually packaged minifigures.

Games can include:

  • Speed Building: who can build a car/plane/house/animal in the shortest amount of time.
  • Tallest Tower: who can build the tallest tower. For older kids you might give them all the same number of bricks and challenge them to think about how best to use their bricks build the tallest and strongest tower.
  • Pin the Head on the Lego Man: a bit of a spin on a classic game!
  • Race Car Building and Racing: give all the kids the same number of bricks and wheels so they can create their own race car. Then set up a track and let the kids put their design to the test.
  • How Many Lego Bricks?: fill a jar with Lego bricks and get the kids to write their guess on a piece of paper. The one closest to the number of bricks wins a prize!
  • Collaborative Creations: get into teams and choose a project you can all work towards e.g. one team builds the pirate ship while the other team works on the island. This can then lead to self led play, so you have a bit of time to catch your breath before it’s time to cut the cake!

The possibilities are endless for Lego Party. Fly By Fun can run great Lego Parties. We provide all the Lego and an entertainer to run the competitions and activities!


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