Seven Year Old Birthday Party Ideas You Can Do At Home

In some cultures, when a child turns seven, it’s the best time to throw a fun party, that and the

anticipation of starting big school. To be honest, every year is a blessing for your child and to celebrate

seven years, you don’t have to go all-out at an expensive venue. You can organize a fun party right at

your own home. Here are some ideas that you can implement for your seven year old and look forward

to a fun party for the day!

1. Fire Fighter Party

At seven, it’s common for adults to ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, and this hints at

career-awareness stages in growth. It can be one of the unique kids party themes where you can also

inject some quick activities about fire response and fire fighting techniques. It’s one of the more

interactive boys party ideas, and the props that you can use are usually ready, especially in the toy

section of shops. This theme is lifted and inspired by actual firemen who have celebrated their own

birthdays, and toy fire trucks are what capture the details of these events. The party food doesn’t have

to be spicy, seeing as the guests are children, but they can do with layers of food in yellow, orange and

red. Don’t forget the traditional fire fighter mascot, a Dalmatian!





2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Birthday Bash

Who says seven is too early for fashion? The theme is all about mints, pearls and blacks. Add a touch of

crystal tiara too. It’s really one of the best girls’ party ideas that can jump up from screen and into the

real life. Young girls can definitely have fun at a modern-day tea party with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s

theme. The good thing about this theme is that it’s not just a seven-year old’s theme, it can be great

even for tweens or pre-teens. If your daughter is after something posh and dainty, this is the great

theme for her to practice being a lady. You will have so much fun looking at all the giggly girls with their

biscuits and cutesy truffles!





3. Classic Games Birthday Bash #Monopoly #Uno #Chess #Snakes&Ladders

What comes into your mind when the words classic and games come together? You bet it’s Monopoly!

You can also throw in some old-fashioned chess, snakes and ladders, and even Uno. It’s a way of

bringing back these well-loved games pre-internet and Playstation times. Why not let your kids

experience these games today for slashing off the list on your kids party games? You can send

Community Chest Invitation Cards as shown below and prepare your drinks and food in the colors of

blue, yellow, green, red and brown. What’s a plus is that you can do it all at home, no sweat!






4. #Superstar Birthday Bash

Who doesn’t want to be a superstar? Throw in lots of silver stars, a silver microphone, a smashing

soundtrack and then you are good to go! A soft pallet of silver and pastel colors can be pulled off even if

you are at home. As for #Superstar performers, you can always give Fly By Fun a call and book them on

your birthday event. You can go for a Hannah Montana performer or stage an Oscar show and for

favours, give away Oscar shaped cookies. It’s all about being a #Superstar and rocking it!




5. Project Runway Birthday

Keep your guests busy, and help them unleash their creativity with a DIY T-Shirt Activity Party. It’s

something that they can wear in the days to come and promote their own work of art. It’s not just an

indoor party idea, it’s also a good round-season theme that is for kids across ages.




With these party themes, it’s all about creativity and resourcefulness. You don’t have to shell out big

bucks and break the bank for your parties. As long as you have free space in your house and a free

afternoon to organize everything, you’re good to go. As for party entertainers, you can always trust a

good company such as Fly By Fun for fun affairs so that you can keep yourself hands-free.

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