Six Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Unleashing Kids’ Creativity

Six is the age of reason, and it’s at this age that kids like to figure out things for themselves. They have a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment should they complete something, and it’s also the right time to introduce activity-based parties for children. Here are some birthday party ideas that can unleash your kid’s creativity, so that they will be inspired to create.

1.Hot Air Balloon Party

Now is your chance to go up, up and away and have one helium of a jolly, good time. A hot air balloon party can be just the right theme for your young guests. All you have to do is sprinkle creativity on different aspects such as the cake and decor and you can impress with pastel or rainbow colours for the sweet kids party decorations. You can even organize a few games involving balloons-but do keep away from water balloon wars as this can get messy-even guardians and parents will say it’s a bad idea! You can also end the day with the Up! Movie.



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2. Home Baker Party

Just looking at the cute kids in chef’s uniforms can make any parent’s heart melt. A home baker party gives kids the opportunity to discover new interests, gives them the freedom to design what they have created and show them off. It’s a way of reinforcing their pride on what they can do, and encouragement in this stage means a lot to your junior bakers. It’s definitely going to be one of the unforgettable kids’ party themes at this age. As for party food dessert, the kids have just prepared it.


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3.Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

Imagine the color scheme to be black and red, it’s going to be a miniature version of Alice in Wonderland! Or if you have the place, you can recreate the maze garden and decorate it with cards and clocks, and a bizarre tea party. One thing captivating about this theme is that it allows many places to inject magic if kids are familiar with the theme. It’s already a fantasy land on its own. Fly By Fun’s team of professional entertainers can do great performances of Alice in Wonderland, whether it’s the Mad Hatter, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum or even the Queen of Hearts. You will surely put a smile on children’s faces and see them light up.


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4.We’ve Got Wheels! Birthday Party

If you have a good-sized driveway opening to a lawn or a park with good riding space, you can implement this theme as one of the doable boys party ideas.  You can engage guests by inviting them to bring their favourite wheels, whether it’s bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards, and even tricyles. You can also do a short orientation about wearing helmets and pads for safety. For a challenging game, set up an obstacle course in your driveway or a flat, open area. You can use orange cones, garbage cans, pedestrians, chairs, stuffed animals and other examples. Time your riders using a stop watch and offer a nice prize. For party favours, you can distribute bike reflector decals.


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5. Young at Art

You can inspire young artists with a party theme that allows them to have fun and bring out their creativity with an assortment of art activities. If you know that your guests can be a bit “expressive”, you might want to cover your furniture with protective material. You might want to indicate on the invitations that it is an art party and the guests can come in coveralls.

You can set up art stations that can handle two to three kids at a time. Activities can include finger painting, poster painting, DIY tote bags, or DIY wooden jewellery. You might want to assign adults to supervise each station. Each child can be given an opportunity to stay at a given station and after 20-30 minutes rotate to the next. As for party favours, each guest can bring home their creations for some memorabilia.

The age of six is a time for children to discover what it is that they are capable of.  It is also a good opportunity to encourage them to express themselves and have pride in their creations, as well as their accomplishments. Praises will do wonders for children and they can have a balance between learning by doing, at the same time having fun.


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