1st Birthday Parties

A first birthday is a very special time for both parents and the birthday baby. Most parents want to do something extra special for this milestone but don’t know what they can do for such a small child. A first birthday is chance for all the family to come together and so often there are children of all age ranges who can join in the fun. A first birthday, while obviously focused on the birthday boy or girl, is also a chance to entertain siblings, cousins and little family friends.

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For a first birthday, choose a theme or character that both you and your child love. The photos from this party will be lasting memories so choose something that won’t date and that will remain special to you and your loved ones.

Don’t worry if your baby isn’t able to participate in all the activities you plan. They will have their chance to join in later and soon they will be the older children having fun at birthday parties.  Focus on lots of fun games for the kids who are old enough to participate as their happiness will spread through the whole party and set the tone for the smaller ones.

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It may seem obvious, but try and plan the party around your little one’s sleep schedule. You don’t want an exhausted, crying baby looking miserable in their first birthday photos. Your family and friends will understand how hard it is to keep a baby awake and happy at such an event so don’t feel bad about putting your child’s needs before your guests.

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If you baby does end up overwhelmed and upset by the whole experience, don’t feel like the party was a failure. The guests and their children are sure to have a wonderful day and a party is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate with you regardless of your little’s one mood. Enjoy the day and make some beautiful memories with those you love!

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