Go Big! Eleven Year Old Birthday Party Themes

Your kid is now a tween!

Well there’s the pressure of having to plan it out but also giving them enough space to enjoy the

company of their friends during these times. During this age, they definitely would want to feel a bit

more grown up and would want to prove that to adults around them. Here’s where you show them a

little bit of responsibility. And of course, if you know you can trust your kids, now is the time to go big or

go home!

1. Bonfire Sleepover Party

You can do this in a park with permission or by the beach again with permission and under adult

supervision. There are several activities that can be programmed for kids in a bonfire sleepover party.

You can engage everybody in a design your own s’mores contest, followed by a stargazing activity, then

a ghost story session while grilling hotdogs in open flame by a pit. It’s undoubtedly an exciting idea, and

you can rent tents for this event as well as reward winners with badges. The kids party entertainment is

no sweat, and the party food is simple and effective.


Source: http://www.parenting.com

2. Rainbow Party

Skittles, ponies, unicorns, these are what make up a brilliant and fun birthday party for girls at the age

of eleven. The thing about a rainbow party is that they can be both neon or pastels, it’s all up to you

how you want to adjust a bright or sweet party theme. It’s definitely going to be fun from the party

decorations, even until the food. If you’re creative enough, you can use chevron rainbow patterns from

your napkins, utensils and other details against a white background.

Making some colourful bath bombs is another creative idea to get the older kids involved!




Source: http://porch.com

3. Emoji Hashtag Party

It’s time to relive those current trends we see on social media and bring them to life! Allow your

guests to express themselves creatively using emojis and you can set up a photobooth for your

partygoers using hashtags.


Source: www.frostedevents.com

4. Glow In The Dark Thingies

For a more grown up feel, you can have a Fly By Fun performer serve as a deejay and organize

this party in the basement! It’s a friendlier approach to having a house party but with better



Source: www.thatahost.com

5. Hogwarts Party

It’s time to practice those spells! There are absolutely so many ideas that can overflow with this

particular theme, starting with party favours in the form of magic wands (prepare an assortment

of wands and hold a spell contest), to the creative party food ideas. If you’re familiar with

Hogwarts, you can prepare quite a feast for your guests such as Butterbeer, Every Flavour Beans

and Chocolate Frogs. Now that’s what you call party food! Of course, the kids party decorations

can be an inspiration for many eleven year olds. You can search for scarves in each of the

Hogwarts houses and display brooms all over the party venue. You also don’t need to sweat for

entertainment. It’s a fitting Hogwarts Party and your guests will be surely surprised to see none

other than Albus Dumbledore himself to be receiving his students by the door. You can give Fly

By Fun a ring and inquire as to their top-notch entertainers to complete your magic. This age is

when the wizards and witches receive their letters of admissions to Hogwarts and this can be

your invitation idea.


Source: www.karaspartyideas.com



Here’s a quick reminder for organizing birthday parties for tweens: everything does not have to be

perfect. It’s important as parents and organizers to also have fun and enjoy these moments. Keep a

camera nearby and take photos of these priceless moments. Also, it pays to be practical. If you admit to

yourself that you need help especially in the entertainment aspect, give Fly By Fun a ring and that issue

will be taken care of. Have fun!

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