Third Birthday Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

At three, your child will be more involved and express personal preferences as to how his or her

birthday party will be celebrated. You don’t have to worry if you’re doing it wrong or right, at this stage,

it’s really all about what your child wants and making him or her understand what’s doable. But it can all

happen whether it’s in an outdoor garden party or even a kiddie gym, you can always put a smile on

your kid’s face with a little creativity and some old-fashioned DIY, as well as help from professional

entertainers. Here are top 5 ideas that your child might like, whether it’s Disney or an old-fashioned

theme, it’s wise to involve your child and let him or her choose.

1. Friendly Musical Muppets Birthday

One oldie but goodie theme is a friendly musical Muppets birthday. It’s time to bring these colourful

characters to life, and they cut across ages. Some parents and guardians of young guests can actually

relate to the well-loved Muppets and can sing along with some famous songs, download a short playlist

that you can play on the loop and bring back yester-years growing up for a nice ambiance. You can stick

with the fresh colour combination of oranges and yellow greens for rejuvenating summer birthday party




2. Frozen Birthday Party

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Which little girl isn’t crazy about the Snow Queen and the magic of such an iconic Disney movie

matching a smashing soundtrack? Let It Go even featured magical wardrobe transformation, who

wouldn’t want to be Elsa? The decor is also easy to jazz up with snowflakes, blue and silver garlands,

these all contribute to one of the smart winter birthday ideas. As for the Snow Queen to be the special

guest on that day, Fly By Fun is just a call away, with talented performers who can definitely put a smile

on kids’ faces. You can visit the Princess Parties section to take a look at the package offers from Fly By

Fun. The super friendly and helpful team can do wonders to make your kid’s day extra magical!



Source: Dr. Seuss Birthday Party


3. Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Perhaps one of the easier birthday themes to pull off is a Dr. Seuss birthday party because of the sleek

red, blue and white colors, and the jagged, thick lines all contribute to the formula of a Dr. Seuss party.

You can add Dr. Seuss cupcake toppers and balloons in a similar colour scheme and play simple kids

party games. You can be sure that you will have an interesting time with the lovable characters from Dr.

Seuss books and rhyme all the way!





4. Pirates Hunt For the Hidden Treasure Birthday Idea

“Ahoy Mates!” The pirate world is full of adventure and excitement, and that’s just the right kind of

spark you can ignite in a birthday party where children get to sail the oceans and tie scarves around their

heads with eye patches and dreadlocks, it will be such a sight to behold! For games, you can announce

that they should hunt for the hidden treasure through a scavenger hunt that you can prepare in

advance. Here’s a hint, you can always call Fly by Fun and ask if they have a Captain Jack Sparrow willing

to drop by. Hoist those sails yoho! It’s time to unearth the treasure!



5. Construction Ahead Birthday Party

You can call all the safety officers and engineers together, a construction ahead is happening!

It’s a great theme if you have observed that the crowd you have enjoy their time in the sandbox,

all you have to do is add the heavy construction equipment, keep your colour scheme to the

basic yellows and blacks to signify “caution” and you are good to go. It’s a great idea for kids

who like trucks of all sorts.


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You don’t have to hassle yourself to come up with an expensive birthday party, you can save with a few

DIYs. As long as you know who to call for your entertainment, you can easily organize the birthday party

your child and guests can enjoy.

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