Turning Two? The Best 5 Ideas For Your Party

Two years can be an eventful milestone for your toddler. It means two years of playing, laughing,

snoozing, bonding and just discovering the world around. During this stage, kids still need their naps in

the afternoon, so keep the party fun, short but sweet. You will surely cherish this precious moment with

your child. Make your food colourful, healthy and fun, you will also want to celebrate kids parties at this

age outdoors for kids to make noise and play kids party games.

1. Build, Build, Build With A Lego Party

Kids at this age are curious and would enjoy building and putting things together, even if parents don’t

really understand what they want to create. Giving your kid a little freedom can encourage them to

discover the sense of accomplishing something at an early age, and Lego blocks support this type of

learning and interaction. You can use the City Build It theme and let kids unleash their imagination by

building structures and making friends in the process.


Source: http://karaspartyideas.com

2. Lalaloopsy Party

Even grown-ups can interact and play with Lalaloopsy dolls because, well, it’s Lalaloopsy! The adorable

and vivid dolls can get anyone interested, who can miss those black, button eyes? As for party favours,

you can distribute marshmallows stuffed in mason jars. Add some depth with your party decorations

with colourful flowers also. It’s a great summer party theme for little girls to look back at.


Source: http://www.birthdayexpress.com/

3. Baseball Birthday Bash

Concessions! Don’t your kids wish that they can bring the Baseball weekends indoors? For the child who

loves sports, especially baseball, you can prepare tasty party food similar to what you see in the games.

For example, crowd favourites such as hotdogs, popcorn and peanuts can be great party finger foods for

kids. Keep the theme down-to- earth and don’t forget the props such as jersey numbers, buntings and of

course, baseballs. Here’s a hint for party food ideas, baseball cupcakes add such a nice touch too. Score!


Source: http://karaspartyideas.com

4. My Little Pony Birthday Party

Pastel rainbow colors are one way to attract attention from kids at the toddler age. You can mix up

colors of pastel pinks, oranges, yellows and blues. It’s generally one of the adorable kids parties themes

that can make any guest swoon at the kitschy-cute, color combinations at your kids party.


Source: http://karaspartyideas.com

5. Lorax Inspired Birthday Party

Children at this age will enjoy colourful party decorations that look like they have come straight from

the Lorax movie. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, you can try out DIY party decorations ideas for this

theme and play around with the props that look like they have popped out from the movies. You can

use pompom tulle or feathers for the beautiful trees in pots. Don’t forget the furry animals and the

famous Lorax mustache!


Soource: http://www.blog.birdsparty.com

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