Nine Year Old Birthday Party Ideas To Be Wild About

Nine. Whew. The first day your child was just a toddler, all of a sudden he or she is expressing personal

opinion and observations, mingling with friends and just cannot stop growing up. Kids at this age can

now look forward to completing tasks as part of the party games that you have prepared, not to

mention you can encourage them to be silly as a way to have fun. Here are some top ideas that you

should try out as your child turns nine.

1. Backward Party

If it’s silly you’re after, you’re definitely going to gain some laughs with this one. You can set everything

backward. Starting from the moonwalk, to reversing banners and place cards in reverse, even the meals

can be served in reverse, desserts first (yey!). Your guests can also dress backwards. You will need bigger

spaces here though and a lot of guidance if the kids will attempt to walk backwards. Favors for this party

can be silly putty. Of course, a naked cake is a popular choice for party food ideas, and it fits into the

theme effortlessly.





2. Birthday Brunch

Here’s where you see your child practice his or her social skills. At this age, it’s best to observe how your

child can interact with other children, and entering into socialization events such as Birthday Brunch can

be a good idea to instil manners into a growing child. Popular ideas for this kids party themes are

pastries, fruits and you get to see which child is used to waking up quite a bit early at this age. Not to

mention, it’s also a budget friendly theme for everybody. To be truly unique, you can present a mix of

cake samplers for your guests. This theme can have a focus on cakes, macarons and sparkly juices,

adding a grown-up twist for a nine year old birthday theme.



3. Olympics Party

Fly By Fun is Australia’s leading children’s entertainment company providing top entertainment for

birthday parties, and one staple is the talented and fun-loving entertainers for kids parties of all ages.

One sure way to win the hearts of young kids is to hold a sports party where they are free to run around

and engage each other in friendly competition. During this time, kids will have a sense of good

sportsmanship. As for creative party food, allow your young guests to indulge in festive sports colours

like blue lemonade, and fresh fruit such as kiwi, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and other

associated colours of Olympic rings. For your DIY party decorations ideas, you can even add a torch to

complete the theme. You can also add some tiny flags and reward winners with medals for fun




4. Discovery Party

Mind games are a great way to get kids engaged. Mind games don’t have to be intricate, you can

design them to be just appropriate for kids aged nine years old and use many brain teasers at

your disposal. This theme can be called a Discovery party and you can bring together puzzles

and tricks as well as mad scientists to perform and catch the interest of your young guests on

this special day.




5. Today’s Detectives Solve The Crime

You know how kids like to be rewarded? A newspaper clipping of detective news can provide just the

right motivation for nine year olds, and you can create a walk-in gallery of famous detectives on the way

to the party venue, and at the end an opportunity for them to dress up and take their photos as

detectives with mustaches and pipes. You can give them a mystery to solve (after setting up a fake crime

scene) such as a stolen gem and help them out with missing clues. It’s a great activity for children who

are naturally inquisitive. The props for this one is fun, you can use caution tape, and the fun part is a

detective’s suitcase filled with detective equipment like latex gloves, fingerprint powder, magnifying

glass, tweezers and an optional map. You will be able to build up excitement and curiosity and it’s a sure

way to make a memorable birthday party in terms of kids party entertainment.



Now is the chance to let your kids feel a bit more grown up and allow them to complete tasks

independently. Also, it’s good to encourage them to have fun and to promote sportsmanship especially

if there’s a little competition involved. The ideas here are not just for kids but for adults as well, don’t

forget to supervise the kids and enjoy yourselves too!



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